Record your family story before it’s too late

Stan Prentice on the importance of telling your story to keep family history alive

Image of Stan Prentice of Legacy Videos West in the USA
Stan Prentice of Legacy Videos West in the USA

Having the means to record other people’s life stories and impart to you and future generations information about the family’s history is one major benefit, but you shouldn’t overlook the idea of recording your own memories either.

As Stan Prentice points out in this really poignant video, it’s important that you put aside time to capture your own memories on a digital format that can be shared among others for future reference. No matter how many photographs you have stored away in boxes under the bed or in albums, they’re meaningless unless you can attach a story to each of them. Otherwise, how can others make any sense of them?

The huge popularity of TV programmes such as BBC TV’s Who Do You Think You Are? has prompted people the world over not only to research and document their family history, but it has also led to an increased desire on the part of family history researchers to capture granny or grandad’s spoken words on audio or even video. Many of us have the tools available to us, however basic.

It’s one of those things that we often leave until a later date, but the clock never stops ticking and before you know it the opportunity to grab a recorded chat with that elderly relative or friend is gone for the simple reason that they have passed on. The moral to the story is do it while you can, but do it now.

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