Image of Sam Mallory holding microphone

Choosing microphones for improved sound quality

June 3, 2016 Colin 0

The limitations of a video camera’s built-in microphone It’s not uncommon for beginners to rely on the low-quality built-in microphones that come with their video cameras and camcorders when recording conversations. Although these stereo microphones […]

Image of Stan Prentice of Legacy Videos West in the USA
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Record your family story before it’s too late

June 2, 2016 Colin 0

Having the means to record other people’s life stories and impart to you and future generations information about the family’s history is one major benefit, but you shouldn’t overlook the idea of recording your own […]

Image of over-shoulder camcorder with female interviewee
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Which is better – video or audio only?

June 1, 2016 Colin 0

Traditionally, the spoken word has been captured aurally using an audio recording device; in years gone by this would have been a reel-to-reel audio tape recorder, audio-cassette recorder or – more recently – a digital […]