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Recording your first Oral History interview

July 3, 2016 0

Conducting an oral history interview for the first time can seem a daunting task, but is really quite a straightforward exercise once you’ve become aware of the common mistakes that are made and how they […]

Training in the use of video in Oral History

September 10, 2015 0

We have been delivering a one-day training session in the Foyle Suite at the British Library (London) for approximately 8 years now, and not only are they always well subscribed but the feedback from attendees […]

Choosing microphones for improved sound quality

June 3, 2016 0

The limitations of a video camera’s built-in microphone It’s not uncommon for beginners to rely on the low-quality built-in microphones that come with their video cameras and camcorders when recording conversations. Although these stereo microphones […]

Which is better – video or audio only?

Talking Points
June 1, 2016 0

Traditionally, the spoken word has been captured aurally using an audio recording device; in years gone by this would have been a reel-to-reel audio tape recorder, audio-cassette recorder or – more recently – a digital […]

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    Thinking of recording your family or community history on video but don’t know where to start? This website – conceived and edited by video specialist and oral history trainer Colin Barrett – is for you. […]

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